Zünd Group

Zünd Precision Optics, founded in 1968, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of optical components in the micro meter range and offers high-quality glass prisms, plane optics and kitting solutions that are primarily used in medical technology (endoscopy), but also in industrial applications, metrology, defense technology, aerospace and telecommunications.

The Group also includes Optivac, a leading specialist in the coating of optical components. Through thermal evaporation (PVD-) or ion plating (IAD-technology), various layers (e.g. antireflective, filter, mirror and beam splitter layers) of silver, aluminum, gold or palladium are applied to a large range of optical components such as lenses and prisms.

Zünd is well positioned to benefit from the ongoing trend towards minimally invasive surgery with robotics, which will certainly open up further potentials for the company. Together with the experienced management team, Verium plans to leverage existing market opportunities and sustainably develop the company by expanding and further improving the service offering for Zünd`s long-standing customer base.


  • Company: Zünd Precision Optics / Optivac
  • Website: www.zuendoptics.com, www.optivac.ch
  • HQ/Locations: Diepoldsau
  • Sectors: Medical technology (endoscopy), industrial applications, metrology, defense, aerospace and telecommunications
  • Industry: Optics
  • Employees: approx. 65
  • Stage/Type: Buyout / Majority
  • Entry: 2020
  • Verium Team: Damian Stricker, George Merk