​dbi services

Founded in 2010 and with offices in Delémont, Basel, Nyon, Bern and Zurich, dbi services is a leading Swiss IT management consulting expert for enterprise information systems based on Oracle, Microsoft, Open Source, Cloud and ECM (incl. OpenText) technologies.

The company’s certified and experienced IT specialists design, realize, and operate cutting-edge IT infrastructures for SMBs and multinationals from various industries such as pharma, healthcare, insurance, banking, and the public sector. dbi services enjoys the trust of more than 300 customers in Switzerland, Germany, Benelux, Italy and France.

dbi services is well positioned to take advantage of market opportunities such as cloud migration and increasing complexity of IT infrastructures. Together with the experienced management team, Verium intends to further expand the company’s strong position in the Swiss market and to realize an ambitious grow strategy both organically as well as through add-on acquisitions.


  • Company: dbi services sa
  • Website: www.dbi-services.com
  • HQ/Locations: Delémont (HQ), Basel, Nyon, Bern, Zurich
  • Sectors: Pharma & healthcare, banking & insurance, public sector, etc.
  • Industry: Services
  • Employees: approx. 80
  • Stage/Type: Buyout / Majority
  • Entry: 2020
  • Verium Team: Rogier Engelsma, Stephanie Roller, Carlo Vinzens