Christ & Heiri

Over the past 70 years of the company’s existence, Christ & Heiri has grown from a supplier to the watch industry into a specialist for geared components manufacturing high-precision worm gears, pinions, cogwheels, bevel wheels and subassemblies. High-quality products, reliability and competitive pricing have enabled the company to operate successfully on the international market for many years. The company’s primary customers include the automotive industry, where geared components are mainly installed in electric motors (seat adjustment, door lock, windscreen adjustment, windscreen wipers, climate control, tailgates, sunroof, bend lighting, etc.), the watchmaking industry, drive technology and the medical technology.

In August 2017, Grieshaber Feinmechanik was acquired by Christ & Heiri, thus becoming part of the Christ & Heiri Group. The merger expands the overall portfolio of services and facilitates the intensive exchange of knowledge and experience, enabling the Group to provide its customers with optimum solutions. The Group has three sites - its two main sites are located in Selzach, Switzerland, and Löffingen, Germany, and the Group has a third production site in Apodaca, Mexico.


  • Company: Christ & Heiri Group
  • Website:
  • HQ/Locations: Selzach (CH), Löffingen (DE), Apodaca (MX)
  • Sector: Automotive industry, watchmaking industry, medical technology, building technology and aviation
  • Industry: Manufacture
  • Stage/Type: Buyout/Majority
  • Entry: 2015
  • Verium Team: Marc Erni, George Merk