Founded in 1999, Ceposa is the leading Swiss producer of high quality, fresh, Mediterranean appetizers (antipasti). At the site in Kreuzlingen, approx. eight tons of antipasti are produced per week, supplying a renowned customer base of over 500 in Switzerland and abroad. Ceposa focuses on quality (IFS certification, rigorous quality management), naturalness (no artificial flavors or flavor enhancers) and freshness (no preservatives). The company with currently 46 employees is characterized by delivery reliability and high flexibility, which allows a quick reaction to customer requests and to deliver orders within 24 hours. The product range comprises approx. 100 standard products and 250 special products in the area of antipasti, olives and sauces.


  • Company: Ceposa AG
  • Website: ceposa.com
  • HQ/Location: Switzerland (Kreuzlingen, HQ)
  • Employees: 46
  • Sector: Mediterranean antipasti, olive products and sauces
  • Industry: Food
  • Stage/Type: Buyout/Majority
  • Entry: 2018
  • Verium-Team: Marc Erni, Damian Stricker, Severin Stefanini