Asset preservation and optimisation

Asset structuring focuses on long-term asset preservation and establishing a basis for tax-optimised investing. The use of trusts, foundations or companies in Switzerland and abroad may be an appropriate means to achieve these goals. Verium assists its clients in the development and implementation of an optimal structure. At the client's request, Verium will monitor the structure and ensure that it is adjusted promptly as conditions change.

Customised Succession Planning

Although the business interests of one family may differ from those of others, there generally is a common defining denominator: the need to set up the basic conditions to effortlessly pass the baton from one generation to the next and lay the foundation for the preservation of the family assets.

We have years of experience and a keen understanding of entrepreneurial families, enabling us to develop strategies and long-term solutions in close dialogue with our clients to transfer the often complex assets to the next generation fairly and without causing any conflicts. When required, we work closely with the client’s current consultants and coordinate cross-border situations by calling in additional specialists, if necessary. With our broad and extensive expertise in the legal, financial and business areas, we are capable of supporting our clients professionally and competently. We gladly advise you in the following or other matters:

  • family governance / establishing a family constitution;
  • succession planning in your company;
  • shareholder pooling agreements;
  • establishing and coordinating Swiss or international agreements relating to marital property and inheritance matters.

Trust Structures and Foundations

International families with multiple residences in different countries, in particular, are using the advantages of trust structures or foundations as a means to protect their assets, to optimise the tax situation or for succession planning. They are a legitimate and lawful tool to achieve the objectives described, provided that they are properly planned and skilfully applied and the structures conform to the ever changing circumstances. Fortunately, today’s legal and tax environment and the communication across national borders make the misuse of such structures for illegal purposes virtually impossible. However, even when legal structures are established, certain rules need to be followed to ensure that they achieve the desired effect and will not turn into an unwanted “boomerang” instead.

We advise our clients in the development of a structure which is right and optimal to meet their needs. Where should it be domiciled, who are the executive bodies, how is the organisation controlled and where do trust, foundation and/or companies conduct their business? Particularly the latter may have significant tax and legal relevance. However, it also involves the identification of the assets that are held and managed in such a structure. In this case, we are available for trustee, board, protector or consulting functions in close cooperation with the client and the external providers entrusted with the administration of the structure and ensure that changing parameters will be recognised in time and that the structure can be adjusted promptly, if necessary.

Trustee/Protector or Foundation Board

If required by the client, we will act, individually or via the Verium Group, as trustee, protector or board member. The benefit of naming a protector (or a curator in the case of foundations) for the client is that he will have a partner who ensures, without any conflicts of interest, that all of the originator’s intentions are followed over the course of his lifetime and after his death. Regardless of the role we are assuming in a client’s structure, it is a priority for us to make the client appreciate the advantages of working with an independent boutique family office: pragmatic and client-focused approaches, short and efficient decision-making processes, transparent and honest communication.

Verium has been acting for many years as trustee, board member or protector in a variety of very large international family structures, some of which hold operating companies, or in other cases, private art collections, ships, real estate or “simply” liquid assets.

Taxes and Law

The international tax and legal environment is in a constant state of flux and becoming increasingly erratic and complex. The efficiency of cross-border tax and legal planning depends highly on recognising changes in time and making adjustments where necessary. As a result of our extensive and wide-ranging experience in the consultation of some very complex cross-border family situations, we have a sizeable network of specialists available, both in Switzerland and abroad. More and more, tax and legal requirements are overlapping and can no longer be viewed separately.

In recent years, we have advised clients or coordinated cross-border support in the following and other matters:

  • taking up residence in Switzerland and lump sum taxation;
  • taking up global residences and changes of residence;
  • the legal and tax-optimised acquisition, holding and sale of ships, airplanes, real estate, art collections and operating companies in Switzerland and abroad;
  • the tax-efficient establishment of structures for liquid assets;
  • the structuring and sale of private companies.

Generate added value with the right structure

To be able to advise a family extensively and efficiently and provide assistance in taking the right steps at the right time, it is essential for us to have a thorough understanding of the client and his or her family as well as their relevant tax, legal and financial circumstances. This is how we can contribute to the development of an effective long-term strategy to maintain, grow and transfer the family assets to the next generation.

We advise and support our clients in the development of an optimal legal structure for their assets. Their personal situation, the place of residence of the clients and their families and their legal and tax environment play an important role in this. We coordinate the implementation of the structure, e.g. by including trusts, foundations and/or companies in Switzerland and abroad. Verium guarantees the sustainability and the efficiency of the structure by continuously monitoring all relevant factors and collaborate with experts in the countries concerned.