Optimised allocation of assets to attractive asset classes

The right strategic asset allocation depends on the client, his/her total assets, visions and goals for the future. Liquidity planning and continued monitoring of the underlying conditions are the basic requirements for long-term positive asset growth.

Investment philosophy

We believe that a sustained increase in asset values is primarily achievable through an unbiased assessment of risks and return expectations into consideration of the individual requirements allocated to a long-term investment horizon. An entrepreneurial mind-set and mutual appreciation are key parameters. We consider entrepreneurial investments as a relevant building block of our investment philosophy. In terms of liquid assets we help to identify the best products and services in the market. Our investment philosophy is based on many years of experience in a wide range of fields and built upon the following core factors:

  • Independence
  • Integrity
  • Long-range and sustained returns on investment
  • Assessable and controlled risks

Consolidated reporting

Verium monitors all assigned asset managers and banks and, at the client’s request, periodically prepares a consolidated, customised presentation of the assets, including long-term real asset investments and personal assets. This consolidation results in a fully transparent asset structure and facilitates the continuous monitoring of changes in assets, the liquidity requirements and costs.

External member of our investment committee