Real assets

Carefully selected real asset investments provide protection against inflation as well as stable returns and the potential for value enhancement to investors with long-range goals. We offer real estate and infrastructure financing and investment opportunities to our clients.

Opportunities for real assets

Investments in real assets are attractive investment alternatives, particularly in a low-interest environment. They offer our clients protection against inflation as well as stable returns and the potential for value enhancement. The spectrum of real assets is broad. We are primarily focusing on opportunities in the real estate and infrastructure area. To optimise asset diversification and generate sustained returns we select both indirect and direct investment forms.

Our broad network continuously provides interesting opportunities for direct investments or structured financing projects. In the review, analysis and selection of such investment opportunities we are focusing on markets and projects where we have the in-house expertise for in-depth assessment and evaluation. We work with external experts on a case-by-case basis.

Real estate

An effectively structured asset portfolio traditionally includes investments in real estate. Carefully selected and managed real estate investments are crisis-resistant, protected against inflation and mitigate the volatility of the assets overall.

Based on a clearly defined risk-return profile we offer our clients opportunities to invest directly in interesting properties. Our emphasis is on real estate in Switzerland and a few selected markets abroad. We pursue opportunities both in residential construction and in commercial real estate.

In cooperation with selected real estate professionals, we also offer our clients opportunities in the structured financing of real estate development projects in Switzerland.


  • Short-term bridge financing for project developers
  • Acquisition of residential properties


In the current market environment, infrastructure is an increasingly popular topic. It offers our clients a practical option to effectively diversify their portfolios. Our investments are focused on activities in Switzerland and in the European region. The political and regulatory environment offers interesting investment opportunities in various infrastructure areas:

  • Transportation
  • Supply and disposal
  • Social infrastructure
  • Renewable energies

We work with selected specialists in each field and offer our clients the opportunity to invest directly or in structured financing for project developments.


  • Investment in the area of rolling stock leasing
  • Investment in the area of social infrastructure
  • Solar park in Germany
  • Bridge financing for project developers in the area of photovoltaics