Verium AG advising the former majority shareholders of Medbase in the acquisition of a majority stake in the company by Migros

Zurich, 1. December 2010

Migros is taking over a majority interest in Medbase AG, a successful provider of medical and paramedical services. The Migros fitness and wellness parks have already been working closely with Medbase for the past nine years. The two partners are now entering a binding commitment to grow together and continue to broaden the range of services. The interest in Medbase held by Migros is expected to be increased in the long term.

Medbase is a medical competence centre offering high-quality health-enhancing services. Medbase’s clients receive comprehensive professional advice and support across a variety of medical fields. In addition to general and sports medicine Medbase offers a wide range of paramedical services, including physical therapy, nutrition counselling, biomechanical analyses and medical massages as well as complementary medicine with osteopathy and TCM. In cooperation with the Swiss Prevention Centre, Medbase also provides check-ups, seminars and events as well as consulting services and concepts for corporate customers. Furthermore, free check-ups, monitored weight loss and even jogging programmes coached by well-known athletes (such as Viktor Röthlin) are available on an online platform (Quevita). Since its establishment nine years ago, Medbase has been working closely with the Migros fitness and wellness parks, now with 150 employees at seven locations in German-speaking Switzerland. An eighth location has already been secured: In 2012 a new Migros fitness park, including a Medbase health centre and Swiss Prevention Centre will open up in Lucerne.

Perfect symbiosis: everything from prevention to rehabilitation

Migros will take over a majority stake of Medbase AG and at the same time strengthen its capital base. As a result, it will hold a share of 53 percent, divided among the four Migros cooperatives Aare, Lucerne, Eastern Switzerland and Zurich. With a majority holding in independent Medbase Migros will acquire medical competence and know-how and reinforce the principle rooted in its group strategy "Live better every day".